About KISSS Technology

KISSS sub-surface textile irrigation represents a milestone in green technology. It is the only irrigation system designed for use underground and is the world's most advanced irrigation system. Developed through years of research with leading Australian Universities and the CSIRO, KISSS delivers water direct to the root zone at a rate the matches the soil capillary action. The unique, patented design significantly reduces the amount of water needed, making KISSS irrigation perfect for drought conditions or businesses that want to save money while conserving water.

KISSS is proven to develop stronger roots, reduce plant-to-plant variation (ie enhances uniformity), reduce water logging and drainage losses, and to minimise soil salinity levels.

What is Sub-surface Textile Irrigation(STI)

STI is a sub-surface irrigation method where water is supplied to the soil from the surface of a geotextile fabric rather than from individual emitters in a drip line. Dispersing the water over a larger area reduces the rate of water discharged to the soil bringing it closer to the capillary absorption rate; and also converts the drip line from a series of point sources to a single, broad line source. 

How Does KISSS Work?

KISSS provides irrigation managers with much greater control over root zone conditions. It is the only system where soil moisture levels directly influence the delivery of water. KISSS ensures water goes where it is most needed by moving water upwards and outwards to the root zone at the soil's natural absorption rate.  As the soil becomes wet, KISSS "intelligently" directs water to dry soil, creating a uniform wetting pattern. For the first time, water application rates can be matched to the capillary absorption properties of the soil.

KISSS can also effectively and usefully disperse recycled water. The sub-surface delivery means greywater and sewage effluent can be used with added safety.



  • Water savings of up to 60% versus conventional irrigation systems
  • Delivers water directly to the root zone
  • Eliminates evaporation and surface run-off
  • Reduces water losses caused by deep drainage and tunneling
  • Increases fertiliser efficiency
  • Safe, effective and efficient use of recycled water
  • Reduces weed propagation
  • Reduced vandalism and damage due to sub-surface installation
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Deters root intrusion without the use of chemicals
  • KISSS can be operated so that the surface remains dry while roots are irrigated    
  • Fully automated      


The Difference Between Sub-surface KISSS and Sub-surface Drip Irrigation

Conventional sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI) systems rely on individual emitters to discharge water at controlled rates and must be run until the driest region of soil is saturated and therefore, inevitably, overwatering . In contrast, KISSS'distributes water uniformly, reducing the need to overwater and providing a more controlled, efficient irrigation solution.

KISSS wetting pattern wets the entire root zone compared to sub-surface drip

Unlike Sub-surface Drip, KISSS has:

  • No run off
  • Less evaporation
  • No deep drainage
  • Reduced water tunneling