KISSS Green Roof System

The KISSS Green Roof System is a significant advance in green roof technology. The system integrates irrigation and drainage in a single product. The KISSS Green Roof System has several advantages over other systems, most notably it is an "active" system that intelligently manages moisture available to plants in the green roof soil. The KISSS Green Roof System is the most cost effectve system available today. 

KISSS Green Roof System

The perfect solution for structures that have a lower load bearing capacity, the KISSS Green Roof System provides an active drainage layer that removes water from structures in a controlled way following rainfall. The integrated design and simle roll out installation keeps labour to a minimum and elimanates the needs for many additional components as is necessary with other green roof systems. The KISSS Green Roof System is the lightest and most economical green roof solution available.


  • Uses less water
  • Lighter weight
  • Easy Installation
  • Low maintenance
  • More control

How Does it Work?

Once the soil Once the soil is evenly wet, the soil draws water up from the mat by capillary action.  

The system applies water more intelligently than other systems because:

  • It turns itself off when the soil is fully wet. Capillary action only works when the soil is dry. Conventional systems will continue to supply water to the soil even after it has become saturated.
  • The distribution of water through the mat is influenced by the moisture status of the soil above. The driest areas of soil have the greatest pull on the reserves of water in the mat
  • Since the system wets up from the bottom, the surface soil can be kept relatively dry which reduces evaporation loss of water and inhibits weed establishment.

When used to drain the soil, water moves down into the geotextile layers where it can then be rapidly removed. In deep soil profiles or where roof areas are large and flat an additional drain is buried in the soil profile to collect and remove storm water. By varying the spacing between these drainage lines it is possible to control the rate of drainage from a roof and better manage the surge of water from a storm.

The KISSS green roof mat provides more effective drainage then conventional systems because it has the capacity to create suction on water held in the lower part of the soil profile. This is achieved when the mat is allowed to hang down into the drain as this provides a syphoning effect. In contrast to this, soils over conventional drainage systems have a saturated layer at the bottom which is referred to as a capillary fringe.

Installation and maintenance

The KISSS Ebb and Flow System is simple to install and saves a tremendous amount of labour.

Simply roll out the Ebb and Flow mat onto the roof and overlap the mats as shown below. Finally, install your drainage system. Then you have an active drainage system, irrigation system, and root barrier all in the one system.