Recycled Water & Waste Water Disposal

Irrigation & Water Technologies is committed to providing ecological irrigation solutions. Potable water available for the purpose of irrigation is decreasing and recycled water is becoming the cheapest, sustainable and most readily available water for irrigation. Until now irrigating with recycled water has been a complex and expensive challenge.

KISSS's below ground delivery is a far safer way of irrigating with recycled water than traditional methods such as sprinklers and surface drip. The uniform KISSS wetting pattern disperses water evenly through the soil and keeps water from reaching the surface.

KISSS is already being used for recycled water irrigation in many installations including commercial, agricultural, residential and sports turf.

Benefits of Using KISSS to Irrigate With Recycled Water  

  • Reduced health risk - effluent is discharged below ground and doesn’t reach the surface
  • The surface can be used while dispersal or irrigation is underway
  • The distribution of recycled water is not influenced by wind and surface runoff
  • Effluent is distributed more uniformly than can be achieved with surface sprinklers
  • Recycled water is 'treated' by the soil as it is dispersed

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How does KISSS work?

KISSS is the only irrigation system designed specifically for use underground. The patented KISSS design has millions of absorption points, which allow water to be dispersed faster and more evenly into the soil. KISSS moves water upwards and outwards to the root zone at the soils natural absorption rate, effectively wetting large areas of soil. KISSS controls the flow of water to dry soil when saturation occurs, resulting in a uniform wetting pattern.

KISSS Wetting Pattern


Irrigating Turf with Recycled Water

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